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Pest Control Company in Pinehurst, NC

Welcome to Otho’s Pest Control in Asheboro, Greensboro, Greenville and Pinehurst, NC.

What makes Otho’s pest control company different from the other guys is that we offer the safest and most technologically sound methods of pest control management practices at all times. As a locally owned and operated family business, our pest control services are always guaranteed and inspections are free. Along with our safe practices and methods we have given thousands of homeowners and businesses peace of mind in respecting your privacy.  We are a leader in pest management practices and have the strongest ethical business practices in our market place. When our highly trained staff of pest control technicians enters your home or business, you can rest assured everything is as we found it.  With the only exception that we remove those unwanted pests!

Insect Pest Management:

Pest Management Pinehurst, NC Not sure where all those pesky ants are coming from? Is the outside of your house being overrun by cobwebs like never before?  As your house ages, more and more opportunities present itself for ants, spiders, bees, earwigs, insects, roaches, mice, silverfish, wasps and more to find their way in all the cracks and crevices in your home.  Our pest control experts are highly trained to track and find the root of your pest control problems.  At Otho’s, we uphold the best pest control and methods to assure our customers the very best service and efficient pest free environments possible. That's why our pest management services are 100% guaranteed.
Termite Control:

Pest Control Company Pinehurst, NC In addition Otho's employees have extensive pest training in termite control.  We use the 
latest scientific technologies and the safest pest control practices.  Our pest management practices help with not only your present pest problems but also help prevent unwanted pests from coming back – period.  All of our technicians and field personnel are state certified or licensed, with yearly continuing education to keep our staff on top of the latest technologies in pest management practices.

We also offer wildlife control services!

Wildlife Damage Control: Hear something or smell something but don’t know what it could be?  Call Otho’s Pest Management!  We are wildlife control experts.  We provide services to protect you from bats, squirrels, raccoons, skunks and other wildlife that wanders onto or into your property.  As a licensed Wildlife Damage Control Agent, (WDCAs) we will be happy to provide you with comprehensive inspection at no charge.

This is great news for homeowners as you no longer have to wait days for a permit to capture wildlife.  As long as you use a licensed Wildlife Damage Control Agent like us, you are upholding state laws.  Keep in mind that trapping possible rodents will allow for easy disposal of them whether they are dead or alive.  If dead, this helps to eliminate odors that occur from their decay.  If you want the best pest control it requires the use of a licensed and safe practices professional like Otho’s.

Bee Pest Control Pinehurst, NC Are you a do-it-yourselfer?  Wildlife control can be tricky and sometimes dangerous.  Using the proper number of traps and placing them correctly is very important.  Our expertise will help eliminate your guess work. So call Otho’s and you won’t have to come home to an unbearable odor. We want to be your safest pest control company.
We handle it all at Otho’s.  If you are a business owner in the Triad or Pinehurst, NC areas, give us a call.  We are locally owned and operated and appreciate the opportunity to serve you while you keep it local.

If you are a realtor and need a (WDIR) we can help.  Please visit our website for more information. We are also specialists in new and old construction treatments. We work with a lot of home builders to provide pretreatments to soil before building a new home. This warrants extra protection from unwanted bugs and termites.
Specific Pest Control:

FLEA TREATMENTS- Treatments that are designed just for controlling flea infestations and are provided to the inside and outside of your residence or business.

FIRE ANT TREATMENTS- Treatments that are designed just for controlling FIRE ANT infestations and are provided to the outside of your residence or business and inside as the need arises.

BED BUG TREATMENTS- Treatments that are designed just for controlling bed bug infestations and are provided to the inside of your residence.

Service Agreements:

ONE TIME – We provide treatment to the inside, outside and underneath your residence or business as needed and is guaranteed for 90 days. This service could cover the control of insects such as ants, spiders, centipedes, crickets, yellow jackets, hornets, etc., or mice MONTHLY – We provide treatment to the inside of your business once every month. This service covers restaurants and commercial businesses only. QUARTERLY – We provide treatment to the outside of your home once every three months and inside of your home as the need arises. This service covers the control of crawling insects such as ants, spiders, centipedes, crickets, etc., and mice.

Rest assured that you do not have to sign a service agreement with us.  We will handle your pest problems as they occur based around your needs and budget.  (The only exception to this is with termite control.


Wood Destroying: 

SUBTERRANEAN TERMITE – We provide liquid treatments as well as advanced baiting systems

Subterranean Termite Control Pinehurst, NC


Carpenter Ants Pest Control Pinehurst, NC

MOISTURE CONTROL–We provide vapor barriers for crawlspace areas using 6 mil poly covering 100% of the soil surface. We use Dehumidifiers to dry out crawlspace areas when wood moisture content is over 20%.  
Basement Moisture Control Problem Pinehurst, NC

  FUNGI CONTROL– We provide fungicide treatments to wood in the crawlspace areas to stop or prevent the growth of wood damaging fungi.

Crawlspace Moisture Control Pinehurst, NC  
  WDIR- Wood Destroying Insect Information Reports for Real Estate transactions.
Real Estate Inspection Reports can be downloaded here from our website.
Real Estate Inspection Reports
  WILDLIFE DAMAGE CONTROL – We provide services to keep the following out of your homes: Squirrels, raccoons, possums, skunks, bats, etc.

Wildlife Control Pinehurst, NC  

We also can take care of powder post beetles. To view what type of pest you may have, visit our website.

                                      WE HAVE ANSWERS, CLICK HERE.
Crawlspace Moisture Control:

Our pest control company handles all crawlspace moisture control problems.  Most homes are built on slabs or have crawl space foundations.  Typically, crawlspace foundations have vents designed to provide ventilation for moisture control.  Unfortunately, during air conditioning season, the vents allow for the migration of hot, humid outside air into the cooler environment inside the crawl space.  This ventilation actually increases the moisture contained in the crawlspace during this time of season.  Once present, the wood moisture content elevates to a point ideal for fungal growth and wood damage.  By allowing Otho’s to handle your crawlspace moisture problems, we will kill the fungi growing and help you create a healthier home.

Commercial residential and industrial emergency services are available.
Our pest control services are always guaranteed and inspections are free.  Otho’s Pest Management has continually provided for over 36 years the best pest control and the safest pest control practices for the Asheboro and now Pinehurst, NC areas.  We are by far efficient, affordable and technologically sound while upholding the strongest ethical business practices. Visit us at www.OthosPestManagement.com
for more information or fill out our contact form above so we know how we can serve you.

About Us:

Pest Control Company Pinehurst, NC We opened our doors in 1976. For over 36 years Otho’s Pest Management has been serving the Triad area, Asheboro residents and businesses with safe pest control and transparent business practices. Because we believe in maintaining the highest levels of technology pest management, our staff and pest control technicians are state certified or licensed.  All our staff of professionals continues yearly education to provide the best pest control to rid you of unwanted bugs. Getting rid of bugs, pests, insects and critters along with new and old construction treatments are our specialties.

We are a family owned and operated pest control company business and have expanded our services to Pinehurst and Greenville in North Carolina.  We are excited to serve many more with the safest and best pest control.  Please check out our monthly press releases to view our current and most up to date news located on our website.

Our press releases hold valuable pest control news and information that can help homeowners and businesses such as:

Otho's Pest Management Offers Advice on Integrated Pest Control
Organic Pest Control Versus Pesticides: Is There a Better Way?

Best Pest Control Pinehurst, NC    Safest Pest Control Pinehurst, NC  

 License #687PW

Otho's Pest Management has been the best pest control company in North Carolina for over 36 years. We feature the safest pest control, transparent business practices, crawlspace moisture control and wildlife control. We look forward to serving you wherever you reside in the areas we serve.  Feel free to visit our locations page on our website.


Products & Services

Getting rid of bugs, pests, insects and critters along with new and old construction treatments are our specialties. For over 36 years Otho’s Pest Management has provided the safest and best pest control services for Asheboro, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Greenville, NC and Pinehurst, NC areas.

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License #687PW

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